Young Adults Conference//

Last weekend I had the awesome privilege of speaking at the Avant Garde Young Adults Conference at Shire Live. I was given the mandate to speak on my journey so far within the business world and how calling plays into that.

The Bible tells us that we are all unique, that we have a specific purpose as to why we are here on earth. Which is true. But what we so often do as Christians is take that calling and then place our version of how that calling plays out over the roadmap of our lives. Then we get upset when God doesn’t deliver on how we told him it should play out.

We all actually have the same calling. And it’s this: love God, love people. It’s that simple. The Bible says to love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind and all your strength and to love your neighbour as yourself. So when we can acknowledge that this is the foundation for which every calling is birthed, then we are able to take our hands off the map that is our lives and stop trying to direct God in how this should look. It’s truly then that we can see all the ways God wants us to work this out.

Because your calling is both here and now, as well as yet to come. It’s not a destination. It’s not like when you have that job title or that platform that it’s only then you’ll be able to truly love God and love people. Calling is a journey that is out- worked in the smallest, seemingly insignificant of ways as well as the milestones. It’s those moments in the workplace or the community or out with friends that also form part of God’s call to love Him and love people.

It was so encouraging to be apart of this great conference, inspiring young adults to pursue their calling and to challenge them in their faith. This is a core part of our Young Adults Ministry here, and something we actively pursue. We desire to see all Young Adults living out their God given calling for the glory of the Lord, not just in reaching milestones, but also right where God has positioned them today.