You vs Me – Thursday, 23 July//

I’m not as attractive as she is! I wish I lived where they live! I want a new car, ours isn’t as good as theirs! Do I have the right job to be as successful as her?

Comparison is the death of contentment, says John Powell.

Think about it. Maybe you’re not comparing about looks or what you do but all of us fall victim to comparison in one way or another. It can bring about doubt, confusion, sadness, and even pride.

The Comparison Treadmill

If we’re obsessed with comparisons, our game in life will be: Get more, do more, be more…

We pursue these things, get more things and the greater is our striving. We end up becoming a bigger and bigger slave to how we think others are judging us.

So how do you jump off the comparison treadmill and pursue genuine contentment? Come along to our next Northside Women event called “You vs Me” where we will unpack this very issue and work it out for how we can live abundant lives.

Announcing our Guest Speaker

We’re delighted that Janelle Maree, CEO and Founder of Mici Magazine, will be joining us as guest speaker at our next event. As one who’s run the treadmill and jumped off it, she’s now passionate in engaging and communicating with women to help see themselves as God sees them. “It’s in Christ that we find out who we are and what we’re living for…” (Ephesians 1:11-12 The Message).

MICI stands for ‘made in Christ’s image’. The whole world is out there trying to tell women who they are. No wonder it gets confusing. Mici Magazine is adding to that voice by spreading the Mici Message of value, identity and purpose. And in other exciting news, Mici Girls will be introduced on the night – which is their newly launched magazine for teenagers. To celebrate this launch, we would love to encourage you to bring your teenage daughters along to hear this powerful message.

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