Women of Northside

What happens when you celebrate?

You stop, you look up from the business, you can’t help but be thankful… and sometimes it even gives you pause to reflect.

The Northside Women’s next event on Thursday, 21 November is all about celebration.

Did you know celebration is up there with prayer and meditation?

“Celebration brings joy into life, and joy makes us strong,” says author Richard Foster in his book Celebrations of Spiritual Discipline.

What’s been worth celebrating this year? What are you grateful for in your life?

By focusing our lives on the good things that God has provided and by constantly thanking Him for these things, our hearts become joyful.

There’s no greater transformation on how you see the world than the act of gratefulness. Suddenly your perspective on the challenges of life seem less overwhelming. Where there appeared to be no hope, suddenly the impossible becomes possible.

So save the date! We invite you, or someone you know, to join us as we celebrate, as we pause, reflect and are thankful for you, our community and our year.

Kirryn Zerna

Women’s Co-Ordinator