Why We Serve//

Each week the Worship and Creative Arts team have a mid-week rehearsal. We gather together between both services rehearsal times for a team devotional.

Each month we’ve had a theme to draw focus, currently we’re looking to the WHY behind our Worship. Living it out beyond Sunday’s platform is essential for us to serve from the healthy overflow of our heart each week.

The Psalms are a great resource when feeling like praise and worship are a hard ask. They provide the words in which we can declare His greatness, no matter the situation. Often once we start declaring His praise by using His Word, the words of thanksgiving creates an untapped way into our own vocabulary! The word “Praise” is mentioned over 175 times in the book of Psalms alone, which shows its importance in connecting with God in our own expressions of worship.

Psalm 150 says:

Praise the LORD.

Praise God in his sanctuary;
    praise him in his mighty heavens.
2 Praise him for his acts of power;

And it goes on like that for five more verses. There are three takeaways from this Psalm:

•    Praise God In His house
•    Praise God For His greatness
•    Praise God With music and the gifts He has given us

This Psalms’ natural emphasis on declaring praises to God is relevant in all circumstances. Our God is worthy of our praise in all that we do, for He truly has done great things for us – big & small. How do you praise God in your every day? No matter what season we are in, there is always something to praise God for. I encourage you to find that one thing, even if it feels insignificant and use that as your pivot point to enter into everyday thanksgiving and cultivate a heart of praise.