Where Has the Year Gone? //

That’s perhaps a question many of us are asking…
That’s the question I am asking, and from the team side of things, perhaps no wonder.

The last six months has represented one of the most  “serendipitous” times of transition we have had for a while:

Louise Murfet transitioned into the Children’s & Families Pastor role to cover Sarah’s maternity leave.

Jess Hamey transitioned into the Youth Pastor role as we sent Jessie Skelly to a new ministry in Marrickville.

Lesley Haddon stepped into the Women’s Ministry role.

Michael Thomas transitioned back into his Worship Pastor role after a season of healing.

Emily Hopkins emerged from the congregation to become our Community Life Pastor.

And next week we will send Susan Browning out as she seeks a Worship Pastor role in paid ministry.

When you look at that, it could be enough to make you nervous (and maybe I was from time to time)!

Here are some key leadership learnings so far this year:

1. God knows and provides the people who He wants to champion His church.

If we’re feeling comfortable through change it could mean we’re fulfilling our agenda, not necessarily God’s.

2. When the church is being the church we are at our most influential

The single most powerful force in ministry is not a superstar paid pastor but a healthy, active and unified congregation. Each transition has seen faithful Northsiders discover their part in doing and supporting ministry.

3. New transitions bring new perspectives for a new season

I’m really looking forward to the unfolding of the 2nd half of 2016 as we continue to work towards equipping 400+ neighbourhood missionaries at Northside.