What’s in your bucket?//

In our own way, we all carry around a personal bucket, holding on to all the feelings we think we can’t get rid of – especially in the areas of pain, hurt, or disappointment. We begin to collect these things and we don’t want to let them go. Every time we get hurt, we add to our bucket. If this continues, we can find ourselves missing out on what’s good for us because we can’t let go of our pain.

Maybe we hold on because it helps us feel like we’re in control, feel safer, or maybe, we’re simply protecting ourselves – but honestly, the opposite is true.

We need to learn to let go and allow God to fix it because if we don’t, holding on to the pain will just make us miserable. We need a turning point in our lives to learn how to let go and forgive.

This month at Northside Kids we’re investigating forgiveness, which we’re defining as deciding that someone who has wronged you doesn’t have to pay. In other words, forgiveness is learning how to put our buckets down and walk away. Forgiveness happens when we decide we’re going to stop adding to a list of hurt and pain to carry with us, we choose to let go of our bucket and simply walk away.

Psalm 86:5 says, “Lord, you are forgiving and good. You are full of love for all who call out to you.”

The most compelling reason we can let go of our buckets – why we can forgive others – is because we have been completely forgiven by God through Jesus.

I wonder what would happen if, during this week, you lived in the truth that there’s nothing you have done that God can’t forgive. And thus realised that, because of God’s great love, we have the power to forgive those around us.

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