What is Your Favourite Party?//

At the Conference Centre our favourite party is definitely that which one of our clients hosts for the children of their staff just before Christmas.   The podium is decked out with our tall Christmas tree with hundred’s of presents all beautifully wrapped up, each with a label for every child that attends.

There is an arm chair for Santa at centre stage for when he calls each child by name and they beam as they walk up the podium to take a photo with Santa and come back down with their present.  This year saw the ‘super heros’ theme with Superman, Batman and Superwoman mingling and doing tricks for the kids.

A giant jumping castle is delivered into our Auditorium and is inflated, a face painting corner is set up, a photo booth is erected…..colourful balloons are everywhere.  Fairy bread, mini sausage rolls, mini meat pies, a myriad of lollies – jelly beans, milk bottles, strawberries, pineapples, dentures, jelly babies…all scattered on the table within reach of each child on tip toes…….even the drinks are coloured themed with green and red cordial being served – what a paradise – our Auditorium is transformed into a wonderful party space!

There is no event like it!  After three hours, parents escort their kids out of the Auditorium, all beaming with smiles and so happy with the gifts that they have received.  Not even when other clients put on a cocktail party with alcohol do we see such happy guests leaving our venue.  It is indeed a joy to watch – it is one of our favourite parties to see so much joy contained in the one room.

All our staff love working on this party as everyone is so happy.  It is a joy to be part of this event and the client is so happy using our Auditorium which allows them to have their party for the many children no matter what the weather is outside. It is wonderful to see how we can utilize our conference space for such a happy event.