What are you hearing?//

A while ago I was enjoying lunch with a friend and she mentioned she had just attended a wonderful Christian women’s conference. My friend was so excited by what she learnt that she shared it with me.  It was well over 12 months ago this conversation took place and from that, a seed was planted. It came to bear fruit last Saturday morning at our “Immersed” event for the Northside women.

Over 60 women enjoyed wonderful biblical teaching and shared a delicious brunch with friends. The speakers, Gill Davis and Wendy Potts, encouraged our women with practical tips on how to engage with our current generation and share an uncomplicated message of Christ’s love with others.

How timely was this event? You may remember John North from EvangelismSHIFT speaking recently at both services about having a ministry mindset, that our
calling and purpose is that of being sent into our communities to share the love of Christ.

Let’s take it further. Another example was Sam’s sermon last week on “Wiki Church” and open source Christianity. Sam was speaking about taking the church into our neighborhoods and sharing the life-changing reality of Jesus, not just through our words, but through changed lives.

Do you think God is saying something here? Layer upon layer, our heavenly Father is reinforcing His message in multiple ways for us to partner with Him to reach out to others. Let’s be prayerful, let’s be ready, making the most of every opportunity, engaging and connecting with those in our local neighbourhoods and communities. Let’s be contributors, determined to share Christ’s love with others through word and action.