Welcome to Spring!//

It’s the time of year when we start to sense the dawning of something new. Something is breaking in; something is on its way.

It’s exciting too as we seek God about what community life looks like at Northside – particularly as organised in our connect groups – that there is a sense of new life reaching in.

This year we have put flesh around the question we asked in 2016: “What if we equipped 400 neighbourhood missionaries?” 400 Northsiders, spread out across the city of Sydney, equipped to point people to Jesus, living as He lived and prepared to share about who He is.

Our groups are in their final six-week block of WikiChurch studies which aim to equip us to shine as bright as possible for our King in our city, pointing people to Him and to what life is like where He is King (full of justice, life-giving relationships, beauty and wholeness).

Part of the WikiChurch adventure this year has been praying for 3 people in your life who don’t know Jesus. It’s been wonderful hearing of people coming to faith, being swept into Christian community, seeing what Jesus is like more clearly, or simply knowing a Christian!

We’re so excited about what God might be shaping us for through WikiChurch. Imagine Northsiders running Alpha courses where those people you’ve been praying for can come and talk about life and find out more about God (if you want to learn to facilitate a group, head to the website to sign up!). Imagine learning practices we can put into place in our lives to serve others – like hospitality, prayer, and discovering the needs in our places of work, rest or play. Imagine our groups starting to come together to serve their regions.

The future is bright, both for us and those in our lives for whom Jesus will be illuminated as we live lives that point to Him.

If you’d like to get more connected at Northside, a WikiChurch group is one of the best ways to do that. Email me at [email protected] and I would absolutely love to loop you in.

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