We Witnessed Something Special

Last Sunday officially goes down as one of my top ministry highlights, in the 7.5 years of being on team here at Northside.

Firstly, there were the dedications of little Harrison Kuhn in the 10.45am service and Baxter Browning at the 6pm, representing the new generation of Northsiders, who will grow up with all of us as their spiritual “Uncles and Aunties”. What a thought!

Then in the PM service it was literally standing room only.

I wandered to the auditorium in after chatting to some guests, only to see for the first time ever, people scrambling to put out more seats.

Then, after some amazing worship, the preaching began a little earlier than usual. Not from Graham or I, but from six young people and one youth leader, who had made the decision to be Baptised that night. They were:

– Alex Border
– Andreas Berger
– Rachel Innes
– Morgan Wiggil
– Zac Stewart
– Amy Galiford

Story after story (in a fashion only capable of teenagers), all of us witnessed how God has been moving in the lives of Northside’s next generation.

To all those who were with us that night, we witnessed something special. A glimpse from God of the possibilities of what can happen, when we are faithful to His way of life and to doing church together. A glimpse of what does happen, when people truly encounter the life changing truth of Jesus.

Sam Haddon

Associate Pastor