A company or an organisation’s vision statement is one that conveys what they intend to be in the future. It generally contains references to ‘how’ the company intends to make that future
into reality and this ‘how’ translates into the company’s Mission Statement.

At the Conference Centre, it is very clear to Annie and I that our vision for the Conference Centre is for all our conference clients who walk through our front doors to experience the warmth of our Christian love. This love is delivered through our service, our welcoming smiles and nothing is too bothersome. This in turn translates into our philosophy of providing excellence in all our logistics delivery: the room set up perfectly as the client would expect, the beverage and food served on time even when a client breaks 45 minutes early, etc. We are constantly in communication with our client to ensure all eventualities are catered for and they can heave a sigh of relief when things do not go according to schedule for them.

‘When we can clearly grasp who we are in Christ our desire will then grow to live a life that is worthy of our calling and fitting our character as God’s new society’ 1. When we can grasp who we are and experience the radical change that’s brought on by the fullness of the Holy Spirit, we know that we are meant to worship God with joy and thanksgiving, to love God and to love one another through our service. This is not surprising as the first fruit of the Spirit is Love.

What is your Christian vision for your place of work? How may you translate this into your daily Christian mission statement so that others who work with you will see the love of God in and through all that you do? How might you bless someone at work today?

1 John Stott : Building a community in Chirst

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