United We Stand

I never cease to be amazed at the way the Christian Faith knows no boundaries when it comes to race and culture. I’ve now had the privilege of meeting and speaking in many churches around the world.

My most recent experience, as most of you know, was at the Quesqueyana Baptist Church in Santo Domingo – Dominican Republic. If you were in Church last Sunday you would have heard me speak in glowing terms about the reception I and the others from Northside received when we spent a week with the marvellous people of this fellowship – it was truly moving.

My lasting memories will revolve around the vitality and energy with which the Dominicans express their faith; also their generosity of spirit – both in practical and emotional ways; finally their sheer passion and commitment for the things of God.What’s been achieved in this Church over the last 25 years is nothing short of miraculous! It’s a real tribute to the faith and resolve of these people and their dynamic Pastor, Jacinto De la Cruz.

I would like to think Northside will continue to forge links with international churches. Already, we have close ties (through my involvement and that of others) with churches in India, the USA, Madagascar, Thailand, Vanuatu and now the Dominican Republic. It’s exciting and it all has to do with the unity we share in Jesus Christ. We may differ in terms of culture and traditions but we’re rock solid on the foundational truths relating to God’s plan of Salvation.

Let’s continue to thank God for the world-wide Family of Faith.

Graham Agnew

Senior Pastor