Trusting The Unseen//

Having returned back from leave, it’s given me time to reflect on the amazing Easter season we have just been through.

A number of people independently said it was one of the best Easter weekends they have experienced. It began with a highly successful initiative that saw us raise $1700 in one weekend, giving away 500 invitations via coffee to our neighbours and seven people (we know of) that shared in our services because of the card they received.

More encouragingly, it was not so much that the services were great (which they were thanks to Susan and our amazing WCA team!) but more through the way we could see God at work.

The testimonies from the Baptistry should give us all encouragement that God is alive and well amongst us. To see a number of people make recent decisions for Christ, guided primarily by those Christians in their life (as opposed to Pastors), is one of the first practical glimpses of the “Next Step” we are taking as a church.

“To see a church of 400 neighbourhood missionaries by 2017”.

On the flip side, my heart is heavy for quite a number of Northsiders going through significant Pastoral situations at the moment. Hence the heart behind this new series…Trusting the Unseen.

More often than not in church life, whilst you celebrate the wins and the victories, we still need to deal with the challenges of life.

Uniquely, we have a resource as Christians that some don’t – Faith.

I’m praying in the next few weeks we’ll experience Faith in a more concrete and empowering way as we continue to Trust in the Unseen.