#Trending: Comparisons//

The feelings of comparison can lurk in any place, at any time — in our work, home or social life. Of course, one of their favourite places to inhabit is in our unfulfilled dreams or expectations…when things didn’t work out as we imagined.

That’s why over 70 women gathered at the Northside Women’s event ‘You Vs Me’ last Thursday night ‐ to examine this trending topic and look for strategies on how to overcome it.

Running our own race

“The world of comparison is a world of compromise,”said guest speaker Janelle Maree, CEO and Founder of Mici Magazine. Reflecting on her personal journey, she shared about overcoming those moments when comparison creeps in and steals away our God‐given potential and leads us to compromise who we are and what we’re living for.

So what do you do when comparison steals your contentment? You get around people who will cheer you on, motivate and encourage you. So come on let’s jump off the treadmill, jumpstart the dreams of our heart and jump back to running the race that God has beautifully laid out for us to run.

Thanks to all who joined us

Thank you to all of you who came along and for bringing your friends. We hope you were both encouraged and equipped. And thank you to the brilliant team and all who contributed in putting on a wonderful night.