Transformed at Drastic//

Wow, what a privilege it was to be at Drastic with our youth group these school holidays! For those who were not aware, at the start of the month we drove 18 youth down to Stanwell Tops for a five day youth camp. Drastic is a combined camp for Churches of Christ throughout NSW with over 350 youth attending.

To say I was blown away would be an absolute understatement!

The hunger, passion and longing for God our youth showed was mind-boggling. Our youth were constantly kicked out of extended worship sessions at 10:45pm each night to go to bed. Instead they wanted to keep on praying for each other, encouraging each other and reading the Word of God together. It was awe-inspiring to see God working in and through them. I’m absolutely blown away by what God is up to amongst our young people. I hope you are as encouraged as I am by what God is doing!

This year we had three young people make first time decisions to follow Jesus and choose Him as their Lord and Saviour. In the coming months it will be exciting to see the fruit of what God was up to tangibly in the lives of our youth. We are expecting some to start serving and being more involved, some to be baptised and also an increased passion and zeal for the Lord. We are hoping and praying that this will be the catalyst for our youth to start sharing their faith in their homes, schools and sport teams across Sydney.

We are believing for big things from Northside Youth and we appreciate your continual prayer and support.