Thought of The Week

Last week Sam preached a message to the night congregation about “Why Christians Welcome Strangers” – essentially talking about hospitality that we extend to others around us.

My wife and I like to practice hospitality when we can, hosting people for dinners and giving others a room to stay. What did strike me was that of all the neighbours in close proximity to me I really only know a handful on a first name basis.

We say hello to people as we pass them in the lift or corridors, however I’ve noticed we tend to err on the side of anonymity. I assume most of them wouldn’t know I was a Christian (unless they’ve heard some of the music emitting from our home).

It’s certainly challenged me and it’s worthwhile considering how well the people around us truly know us, and how much of Jesus they see whether through words or actions. If you missed the message on Sunday night make sure you podcast it!


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