Thought of the Week

This week I attended Evensong at Westminister Abbey in London. This traditional “evening prayer” service maintains a format used since the 16th century, virtually unchanged during this time. Almost all items in the service are sung or chanted by the officiating cleric and the choir. It’s an experience unlike what we normally encounter in a contemporary church.

Despite being highly liturgical and rather formal in nature, evensong provides a brief timeout from the busyness of people’s lives and allows those in attendance to reflect and worship in a very special way.

Whether it’s first thing in the morning or on the way home from work, whilst cooking dinner or amidst domestic duties, taking some time out to seek the Lord is an important part of following Christ. Thanking God, repenting, praying for people or situations, or simply being in awe of Him – will you devote time for these this week?