Thought of the Week

When I was a young performer I remember highly accomplished musicians emphasising the space between notes being as important as the notes themselves. I suppose as a young musician I was focused so much on playing the correct notes that I wasn’t stopping to give the audience time to absorb the music.

It’s similar to punctuation in writing and speech. We utilise commas and full stops to create short breaks or pauses, largely so people can comprehend what we’re communicating – rather than throwing non-stop words at them.

In the book of Psalms the Hebrew word Selah is used, often towards the end of the text. Many people believe this to indicate a pause. I’ve heard some preachers define the word Selah as “stop and think about it”. Sometimes life can be so busy that we don’t take time out to stop and think. We don’t appreciate the pauses amidst life’s sometimes complex melodies.

Can I encourage you this week to “Selah” – to stop and think about the life you’ve been blessed with? To create pauses in your week to reflect, recharge and reconnect with God so you can appreciate so much more.