Thought of the Week

I sat there, a little stunned, unsure if I had heard correctly. My brain went into overdrive, scanning the sentence that just landed on my ears to double check I heard it right. The subtext of the sentence implied that this person believed I was lacking in a certain area and therefore was unable to complete the task.

At first I was angry, then frustrated, then sad, then back to angry and so the cycle continued. I started to go over and over and over the sentence, some what consumed by it.

We so easily gather the words spoken over us. It doesn’t matter if they’re good words or not, we just tend to pick up whatever is spoken over us. Be it from a place of desperation, need or approval, it ultimately doesn’t matter, because it comes down to what we’re going to do with what we have picked up. This experience certainly made me think about all the unspoken words I say, how I might be pulling people down instead of lifting them up.

Don’t let what someone has spoken over you (subtext or not) be your definition, the only one who can do the defining is Jesus. Let Him speak His words of life, truth and love over you in every moment of everyday.