Thought of the Week

Have you ever thought of ‘faith’ as being a verb? The Hebrew word for faith is ‘emunah’ which is derived from the root word aman which means to nourish or to make firm and strong. It is perhaps better translated as perseverance, devotion and steadfastness through challenging circumstances, rather than simply a “belief” in something.

In our current sermon series, I have been reminded how faith is more an action expressed in the way we live and treat those around us. From this understanding of faith the scripture, “faith without works is dead” (James2:26), begins to make more sense. Therefore, as Christians the question is how can we actively express our faith in Christ? What does it look like to be the light of the world?

Jesus’ answer: love your neighbour as yourself (Mark 12: 31). In other words, if we see a need that is in our means to meet, then meet it.