Thought of the Week

Over 70 people from our Young Adults community gathered together last weekend to unpack and discover what really happened when Peter walked on water and how that applies to our own situations when God is daring us to step out of the boat. We had an awesome time sharing in the word and building community through a photo chase challenge. The Saturday streams of “i dare you to worship” , “I dare you to take action” and “I dare you to work for God” allowed us to delve deeper into those areas God was challenging us in and to hear from some of the gifted people in our community.

Saturday night was a highlight as always with Steve Chong bringing a very timely word for our community followed by an incredibly powerful worship session. God is doing some amazing things in our YA community, daring us in various ways to ‘take courage’, calling us to join Him and allowing us the ability to step out of the boat onto the water. Walking on water is possible when Jesus is showing you how.