Thought of the Week

Are you ActiveWearing your Faith? The last two weeks we have been asking this question. ActiveWear is the Fashion dynamic where “Looking Like” has ascended “Being Like”.
In the church we call that religiosity. A focus on manipulating external behaviour (looking like) rather than genuine inner transformation (being like). How are we genuinely transformed? In essence it’s through two simultaneous processes:

1. Active Discipline &
2. Passive Discipline

Active discipline is the deliberate choice to allow someone or something to cut across our will. It’s when we actively choose to obey God’s word (even when we don’t feel like it) the way we would obey a Gym instructor.

Passive Discipline is more mysterious. It is the unseen work God does in us when we simply hold tight to His ways, through the inevitable trials of life.

To what degree are you applying each dynamic in your life? May we be a Church that doesn’t just “ActiveWear” our faith. Jesus did say after all… “by their fruit, you will know my followers” (Mt 7.20)