Thought of the Week

Praise in every season has different lenses. Sometimes praise can be found in admiring His handiwork. Sometimes praise is quietly reflecting on His goodness. Sometimes praise is boldly, loudly declaring it from the rooftops. Or sometimes praise feels like a distant thought. We are created to worship Him, in every season. Even the very rocks cry out… and let’s be honest – they’re rocks! The Passion Translation puts Psalm 145:1-4 like this: “My heart explodes with praise to You! Now and forever my heart bows in worship To You, my King and my God! Every day I will lift up my praise to Your name With praises that will last throughout eternity! Lord, You are great, and worthy of the highest praise!”

I love the expression here, drawing the reader into a contagious captivating heart for an explosive declaration of His greatness. Whatever season you are in today may His name be praised!