Thought of the Week

We learnt last week, people often encounter God when He uses someone or something, to disrupt the grid (world view) by which they see the world. That’s what the Burning Bush was for Moses (Ex 3.1-3).

“Burning bushes” are disruptions, distinct enough to take people off the usual path of their lives. What does that mean for us then?

Sometimes God sends us into the world to be a burning bush. Do you do life in a disruptive way? That is, do you process trouble with joy, instead of bitterness? (That’s off the grid) Do you handle uncertainties with excitement rather than anxiety? (That’s off the grid) Being a “Firefly” is about possessing a gentle distinction to the world around you.

When people who are searching for God encounter people like that, it’s disruptive. They want to ask you more. They may just encounter God. How intentional will you be this week, in asking God to open up the opportunities to try this out?