Thought of the Week

Last Sunday John North preached a powerful message on having a “ministry mindset”. It was a very moving sermon, challenging us to look beneath the surface to what is truly happening in people’s lives.

So often in our busyness we can take things at face value. At other times we can quickly draw a conclusion about someone’s behaviour without stopping to consider what might be causing one to act in that manner. Reading the Gospels, it seems Jesus constantly looked beneath the surface in people and situations. He didn’t appear to take things at face value and taught us early lessons on what we now would describe as “not judging a book by its cover”.

Who might you encounter this week in your life that you can approach with a ministry mindset? There are countless individuals and scenarios where you can bring the light and love and Christ into. That will, God willing, have eternal impact – are you prepared to take the step of faith?