Thought of the Week

I was recently faced with the question – what does salvation mean to you? What are you saved from? What are you saved for? And wow, what a great question!

How would you answer it? It’s easy to dive straight in to the big words – justification, sanctification, and purification… Although what do they really mean?

The way I personally think of salvation is about transformation that has the three parts:

1. Saved from: A life of unrealised potential. Sin and shame outwork in a distorted view of our value. Tell your before and after story.

2. Saved by: Christ and his work on the cross. We are created anew in Christ. Through His work on the cross we realise our identity in him.

3. Saved for: our purpose. The God given talents, desires and will to align to serve him and ultimately be fulfilled by living a life of abundance that He has promised us