Thought of the Week

Being honest isn’t just about the words you say, it’s really about the life you live. When we’re honest, when our words and actions line up, others know they can trust us. God understands the relationship between honesty and trust. After all, it’s something He put into place since the beginning of time and He has been making and keeping promises.

God told Abraham he would be a father of a great nation of people, and he was.
God told the Israelites he would provide for them in the desert, and he did.
God told Joshua that the wall of Jericho would fall if the people marched around it for seven days, and it did.
God told Mary that she would give birth to a Son, Jesus, and she did.

That baby boy was the answer to a promise God made from the beginning, the promise to send a Saviour; the one who we can ultimately trust. What does it mean to put your complete trust in God this week?