Thought of the Week

Last Sunday morning we heard what Sarah Anderson and her team are teaching at Northside Kids. They drew attention to this past week being the International Random Acts of Kindness week (RAK).

I remember being on a date night with my wife Kirsty and at the restaurant we saw someone Kirsty knew from a former workplace. After a brief conversation with that person, Kirsty and I sat down and enjoyed our meal together. When we went to pay for our bill we were told it had been taken care of by another table. All these years later I still remember that moment so vividly and it left a lasting impression.

In this Fireflies series, we are learning how to shine the light of Christ in our world to truly make a difference. That extra smile, being kind to someone, paying for a person’s petrol or coffee – the list is endless – is one way of leaving a lasting impression on someone. That simple act could very easily lead them to know of the greatest gift they could ever receive: Jesus Christ.