Thought of the Week

There is currently a movement that is sweeping the world faster than the early church did a few thousand years ago. It’s name is Zumba.

A mix of aerobics, fitness class routines and Latin Dance, the genius behind Zumba’s rapid expansion is that it takes apparently impossible dances steps, breaks them down into learnable patterns and then progressively builds on them to grow the participant to a greater level of mastery.

Well, isn’t that just what Christian character development is? Paul, one of the great instructors in “Spiritual Zumba”, had the process right; “Follow me as I follow Christ” (1 Cor 11.1)

Are you seeing the character and deeds of Jesus as a routine that’s seemingly impossible to achieve? Take a leaf out of Zumba’s book: begin by studying and breaking His life down into learnable patterns, and let Jesus (the master instructor) build you into greater levels of mastery!