Thought of the Week

Of all the gifts given to humankind by God, there is none greater than the presence of the Holy Spirit. We are currently learning about “The Other Guy” (The Holy Spirit) in the night service.

The Spirit has many functions and roles; to convict us, to help us, to guide and counsel us and to comfort us. Often in times of trouble we can lean on the support of others in our lives. We’ve recently looked at Galatians 6:2 which refers to us “carrying each others burdens”, however there are still times when we may feel alone…when we lie on the operating table awaiting surgery, when we grieve the loss of a loved one, when we can’t sleep due to anxiety or stress – all these moments and many more are opportunities to draw on the Spirit of God to comfort us.

It is He that can provide strength to the weary and hope for the hopeless. Learning to accept God’s comfort and the role of the Holy Spirit is like any relationship – it requires effort, patience and time. Are you allowing The Other Guy to be a central part of your life?

Michael Thomas

Worship Pastor