Thought of the Week

If you were travelling with children at all this holiday season, perhaps you may be all too familiar with the phrase “are we there yet?” The eagerness to reach the destination?!

When it comes to our character and the things God wants to shape in us it certainly requires a lot of patience, faithfulness and obedience on our side.

When God works he does so in a way we can’t manufacture. In fact, it’s often far out of our control and at times we certainly wonder “are we there yet?” While we desire to be more like Christ we know too well the journey of getting there is an adventurous ride, bumpy at times! When we stay true and faithful in following Him and connected to the vine, He will certainly work to shape our character in ways we could never imagine. “Wait for the Lord. Be strong & don’t lose hope. Wait for the Lord.” Psalm 27:14 NIRV