Thought of the Week

Any Sunday you could be sitting near someone who is hurting due to financial pressures, relationship problems, illness, grief or many other various hardships. In the 15 years I’ve been in ministry I’ve observed how seldom we tend to be forthcoming about how we truly are.  If we are the one suffering we can miss the opportunity to reach out for support when greeted by the standard “how are you?”. When asking “how are you” sometimes we can be so distracted we don’t see the pain beneath the surface. We often say here at Northside that this is one place where it is okay not to be okay. What does that truly mean if we aren’t willing to open up and most importantly, we aren’t willing to look beneath the surface? After the service today whilst you are having morning tea or having dinner, why not take the opportunity to communicate beneath the surface and remember that it is okay not to be okay. Why not introduce yourself to someone you have never met before and be an encouragement today?