Thought of the Week

C.S. Lewis in his book, “Mere Christianity”, makes a brilliant observation about gospel-humility at the very end of his chapter on pride.

Lewis say if we were to meet a truly humble person we would not come away from the meeting thinking they were humble. That’s because a person who is always telling you they are a
nobody wouldn’t be humble (because a person who keeps saying they are a nobody is actually self-focused).

What we would remember from an encounter with a truly humble person is how much they focused on us! That is because humility as Lewis puts it, is “not thinking less of
yourself, but thinking of yourself less”.

Gospel-humility is not weakness or being a nobody. Instead, it is not needing to think about myself. It is not connecting things with myself. It is the end to thoughts like: Do I
measure up? Do I look good at this function? Do I want to be here?

The truly humble person learns the joy of blessed self-forgetfulness!