Thought of the Week

Do you ever find yourself thinking “If only I was less busy then I could spend quality time with God”, or “once this season is over then I’ll have more time to spend with God?” I often find myself thinking those things. God has been placing this passage on my heart recently;

“Be still and know that I am God.” – Psalm 46:10

What a refreshing passage. It encourages us to stop being swept up in the busyness and craziness of everyday life, to stop ‘doing’ and to let go of what we think is important and to surrender to God. Why? Well, this chapter begins and ends with ‘God is our refuge’, meaning that God is our safe place and that we can depend on Him no matter the situation.

So how do we be still and know He is God? We spend time with Him, sitting in His presence, listening to His voice and reading His word. How can you be still and know that He is God this week?