Thought of the Week

Here’s a little surf safety tip as we head towards summer. How do most people drown in the surf? They swim against the rips. A rip is a current of water that pulls you away from the shore and eventually out beyond the waves into the calm.

Now these rips shouldn’t be fatal but they become so when people start frantically swimming against the current the minute they start drifting from their friends or the flags.

Now compare the surfer and their reaction to these rips. A rip is not fatal to the surfer, it’s a surfers dream! It drags them out swiftly until the water is calm and to where the waves will eventually be.

Why the difference? Why does one panic and the other rejoices?

Only when you know where you are going ultimately, can you handle not knowing where you are going immediately.

How many times do you and I panic in the “rips of life” because we drift from where we think we should be? The Christian should be calm because we know where we are going ultimately.

How clear are you and I on that this week?