Thought of the Week

I recently spoke with a young man who has become a regular attender at Northside in the last 12 months. He told me how he’d all but given up on church due to what he perceived to be an unwelcoming atmosphere in most of the churches he had visited. I was saddened by this because a church fellowship is the one environment where, above all others, one should be guaranteed of love and acceptance.

He went on to say how he’d heard my spots on Hope 103.2 and felt the need to check on the church where I minister. He turned up and people spoke to him. He went on to tell me how on virtually every visit somebody has made a genuine attempt to make him feel welcome.

You can appreciate, this was one chat I thoroughly enjoyed – in fact, was absolutely elated and so proud of you, our people.

Please continue to look out for the new person and be ever mindful of the power of that initial smile, handshake and that warm greeting.