Thought of the Week

How do you hear from God? And when He speaks, how do you obey? This has been our focus in the Northside Women’s Bible Study with a study on Habakkuk.

In Habakkuk 2 it says: “I will stand at my watch and station myself on the ramparts; I will look to see what He (God) will say to me…”

The Hebrew word for stand is ‘amad’. It means to endure, remain and to be standing both in body and attitude. The Hebrew word for station is ‘yatsab’. It means to take one’s stand.
Habakkuk’s usage of the two words show how seriously he expected God to answer and how determined he was to wait on that answer. His posture was militant and strong. His resolve was
sure. He was on the lookout for an answer. When you want to hear from God, take a lesson from Habakkuk – to listen with intentionality and to wait expectantly for Him to speak to you.