Thought of the Week

A favourite reality TV show of mine is Ice Road Truckers. It follows the story of truck drivers who risk their lives, in order to deliver precious materials to the mines of Northwestern Canada. In one episode, a driver travelled 15 hours non-stop, in -45oC temperatures, over a road made of ice and frozen lakes, in order to deliver a part worth $20.

Now, normally it wouldn’t be worth the effort! Yet, the absence of that $20 part had stopped the entire operation of a $2 Million diamond scrubber at the mine. So the question is: Which is more valuable then… the $20 part or the diamond

Often we can be quick to make assessments of our value based on the world’s standards, and yet the Bible shows us something totally different. Jesus Christ’s road (although not over ice) was just as perilous, and it cost him His life, in order to deliver you (a vital and valuable part in His operation) for your intended purpose.

May we live that out this week!