Thought of The Week

“Comparison is the death of contentment” says Pastor Stephen Furtick from Elevation Church in America. He asks the question – “Have we become so concerned with the image we project, rather than the substance we’re made of?

Consider Facebook… Isn’t it often the best angles of our lives that we broadcast to the world? It’s not the ugly photos we post– it’s the happiest, best hair-day, got the most friends, at the coolest place, don’t-I-have-the-best-life kind of snaps, right? And what happens as a result? We spend so much time comparing other people’s highlight reels to our everyday life.

Whether you’re on Facebook or not, I encourage you to consider how you’re comparing yourself to others. Instead of looking to others, look to Jesus.
Because of Him, no matter what you’ve done, what anyone says about you, or what you’ve achieved – He Loves you and will always love you. Not only that, but He put His life in judgement so that you would forever be blameless. And that is a place where you’ll find the greatest contentment for all your days.

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