Thought of The Week

I did a devotion this week on patience – recalling how the Bible encourages us to exhibit this characteristic (or more accurately, “fruit”). Displaying patience in our lives is not exclusively referring to our response to situations; like poor drivers on the road, long queues and computer issues.

The Bible also encourages us to be patient when things don’t go the way we expect or hope. The Apostle Paul writes “be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer” (Rom 12:12). Being patient during affliction doesn’t come naturally to some of us but we can learn from the greatest example of this, Jesus Christ, in His response to adversity. We read how our Saviour reacted to personal injustice, cruelty and much more. Not choosing to fight back or complain but to demonstrate fruit in such a significant way.

If you find yourself facing adversity, take comfort from the example of Jesus and perhaps read a great passage this week – 1Peter 2:19-23

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