Thought of The Week

When was the last time you found money you’d forgotten about?

There it was – right beside those smelly pair of shoes deep at the bottom of your gym bag. A crinkled up $20 note! You know, and I know, a new 20 dollar bill straight from the bank still holds the same value. It doesn’t matter how dusty and shabby it looks, because it’ll still be accepted by your favourite pizza place (that’s why you’re going to the gym of course).

Have you ever thought, we’re just like those two $20 bills? So often we see ourselves as the shabby, unclean, unwanted version rather then the new and crisp note from the bank. In Ephesians 2:10 it says “We are God’s masterpiece.” Can you imagine yourself as a masterpiece? A unique, one-of-a-kind, priceless creation? Even if you still feel like the crumpled up $20 bill, God knows the truth. You are a masterpiece worth dying for. So why not start living like one today?

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