Thought of the Week

So, in listening to our latest series “Bless the Mess”, I am struck by a few things regarding our messes. Firstly, messes are inevitable – no revelation here I’m afraid. Secondly, the only way to navigate a mess is through it. Which leads me to my third conclusion – the purpose of our messes. This seems to be twofold. The first purpose is inward – giving me the ability to exercise good decision-making (because I have directly seen the result of bad decision-making). I can use this experience to learn from, and not repeat the same mistake. The second purpose is outward – I can use this experience to help others in the midst of a similar mess. I am in a unique position to help someone else through their mess.

Looking at the history of the early church, this is exactly what early Christians were doing – helping others through their messes; and then they in turn helped others. It was an explosion of goodwill, charity and hope displayed to a lost world that has seldom been seen.

Let’s bring it back!