Thought of the Week

The “Breathing Room” series has been powerful, and caused me and others to think and be challenged about our lives, work and time.

Something I learned as a young musician came to my mind – that music is the space between the notes. Or as Debussy put it, “The music is not in the notes, but in the silence between them”.

It’s not something many people would think about when listening to music, as we appreciate all the musical components that result in a masterpiece. This importance of space is the same as the comedy adage ‘timing is everything’. Timing, almost always refers to a pause or space.

Space creates the opportunity to reflect, process and co-create – whether listening to music, laughing at a joke, reading prose or most importantly, living. Are you creating space (breathing room) in your life? Why not listen back over the podcasts for this series if you could benefit from a little more breathing room in your life…