Thought of the Week

“Breathing room is the space between our current pace and our limits.” How much do you have at the moment?

We learned last week, God wants us to have breathing room in our lives not just for our own health, but because He wants us to use that space for others. (Lev 19:9-10, Dt 24:19-20). I really feel this could be another watershed teaching series for us as we learn how to do this.

What if as people we were beautiful to a busy world, because of the space we have in our lives? Knowing how many of us live, that would be totally counter-cultural! You can start practically now – aim to deliberately create some space to have more room for:

A friend.
A co-worker.
Someone you may meet for the first time at church.
A stranger.

If you’re not sure or need help… we’ll look at how we use our time on Sunday.