Thought of the Week

As Sam has been preaching on being ‘certain in uncertainty’, it is an opportunity to be reminded that we can often limit our focus on God to the big areas in our lives. When that crisis hits – illness, work, or honest life and death situations we call out, but God dwells equally in the small things.

That time when an unexpectedly large bill arrived, and you felt discouraged because it put you behind in your savings goals – but God was there. You were blessed with enough. That time when your health was a little compromised – did you seek God, or struggle through in your own strength? God is interested in details – He wants to be in relationship, to be known. The mortar between the bricks, although not so visible, is what gives the “wall” stability.

God wants to be present in your life in all areas, not just the big stuff. Are you seeking certainty by allowing God to dwell in the little things too?