Thought of the Week

Thursday night the Worship & Creative Arts team met together for a team building event. One of the many discussion points that come up was about self improvement or personal growth. An example would be; “what have I been doing in the past twelve months as a musician to up-skill, outside of our church rehearsals and services? Am I practicing daily, have I had lessons or attended a master class?”

The same was said about our own spiritual formation. What are we doing to work on our development as a follower of Christ? Have we attended a conference or seminar, listened to challenging podcasts or reading inspirational books? Do we have an accountability or prayer partner, or maybe  it’s time to rejoin a connection group after having a break from one of late?

I can’t speak for everyone in our team but it was a timely reminder of the responsibility we have for the pace of our own growth. May it be something to think about this week for all of us…