Thought of the Week

Over the last few weeks I have been having a few catch ups with some of the Northside men and have been blown away by the topics of conversation. As guys we generally like to keep things on a surface level as it’s safer and there’s less risk of hitting a sensitive nerve, but in these meet-ups there has been a desire to go deeper and discover what God is up to in our lives and callings. He is always at work in us, but it is often in the intentional conversations with our brothers that we begin to discover and see what He is doing and get excited about the plan He is gradually revealing to us.

Who do you know well enough in church to catch up with intentionally and risk going a little deeper? Ask questions like, “How are you really doing?” or “What is God teaching you at the moment?” or “What dreams is God placing in your heart?” Questions are so powerful and good questions have the ability to unlock incredible potential within us. Let’s get chatting. Let’s start asking. Let’s begin discovering.