Thought of the Week

Does God have your attention? In Exodus 3, Moses encounters God in a burning bush while tending a flock of sheep in the middle of nowhere.

By this stage, Moses was an ex-royal and ex-resident of the king’s palace who was 80 years old and on the run from the consequences of a fit of rage 54 years before. He had lost his social capital, financial capital and physical capital… in essence, all those things we naturally think make for a great life. He had none of it, and yet it’s at this point that God says, “I can finally get your attention”.

It is one of the great principles of the Bible that people searching for God discover Him in a burning bush. I don’t mean a literal burning bush, but those moments where something inexplicable shakes you out of your usual patterns of life. It may be an inexplicable person, event or experience. Or even sadly inexplicable moments of loss like Moses.

Don’t overlook the significance of those surprise detours from life’s expectations. It may well be God’s way of trying to get your attention (albeit a little less dramatically) like He did with Moses.