Thought of the Week

“Pay It Forward” is a film (adapted from a book) with the premise being an adolescent boy who comes up with an innovative idea for a school project.

His idea was a charitable concept; when kindness is extended to someone, rather than repaying the person with a similar gesture of kindness to “pay it forward” to someone else, generally something the recipient could not achieve for him or herself.

The film reminds me of the Gospel message whereby undeserving people receive the greatest of gifts as Christ offered up the utmost sacrifice.

Now we have received this ultimate act of kindness, our calling is to pay it forward – to share the Good News and show Christ’s love to our world. In this festive season, who can you “pay it forward” to? That is, what undeserving person could you show the kindness of Christ to in this season? It’s worth thinking about this week…