Thought of the Week

This week, I had an amazing opportunity to put into practice what we learned last week about loving our neighbours: stay, pray, play, say.

I train at the gym with a friend most days (stay) and have been praying for him more and more as we have journeyed together (pray). While we were doing lengths in the pool this week (play) I was praying for him again. Afterwards we started talking about a massive trial he has been going through, and when he stopped talking I asked if I could pray for him (say). He said yes and the Holy Spirit moved so powerfully!!

I could see the relief on his face afterwards and the weight being lifted from his eyes – he was so thankful!! Seeds have been sown so my prayer is that God would continue to bring him home.

I know it can be daunting, but let me encourage you to have a go at stay, pray, play and say.